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Nelson Mandela Signed South African Inauguration Cover

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Nelson Mandela Signed South African InaugSupplied with the 1999 letter from the President's office

  • And photograph

Issue Date: 30/07/1994

Issue Name: Nelson Mandela Signed South African Inauguration Cover

Producer: Other


Nelson Mandela, signed 1994 South African Inauguration cover supplied with the 1999 letter from the president's office plus photograph.

Nelson Mandela is perhaps the world's most famous political figure. He spent his life determined to end apartheid in South Africa, and in his early years was sentenced for his activities and imprisoned for life. He was eventually released after twenty-seven years, and four years later became president of South Africa. Known for his down-to-earth manner, he always made his own bed, and talked to people of all ages, beliefs and political views as equals. He received the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize and is held with deep respect, bordering on reverence, in South Africa, where he is commonly referred to as "Tata" which means father. This is a very special signature on the perfect cover.

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