Buckingham Covers - First Day Covers

Help For Beginners

We are lucky to have a world expert on our team, Brian Austin. That means we can give you a lot of advice and help, whether you are new to collecting covers or an old hand.

Judging a cover's condition - just as with antiques or any other collectable, condition is everything when it comes to covers. Here is our guide.

Beginner's Guide to Collecting - a history of the hobby and tips for what to look out for today.

Jargon Buster -confused by all the jargon surrounding covers? Here's our glossary of all the main cover collecting terms.

Frequently Asked Questions - answers to questions we often get asked by new collectors.

Producing covers - many collectors have no idea of the work, sweat, blood, tears and not to mention, panic that go into creating a cover. An insight into some of the scares and triumphs!

Links and Resources - where to go for more advice, days out, insurance or other great collectables.

Our Expert:

Brian Austin has 25 years experience in first day covers and was trained by Tony Buckingham. Also known world wide for his expertise, he is a regular writer for Stamp & Coin Mart magazine and our Head Buyer.