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House of Hanover and the Victoria Cross

Buckingham Covers House of Hanover Victoria Cross FDC

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Continuing the Kings and Queens series, The House of Hanover reigned over the British Isles from the death of Queen Anne in 1714 to the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, during a period of massive change.
Join us in commemorating the House of Hanover, Queen Victoria and the Victoria Cross with our stunning first day cover.

  • Limited editions personally signed by Cpl Benjamin Roberts-Smith, recipient of the Victoria Cross for Australia
  • Features all 6 stamps from Royal Mail's House of Hanover issue
  • Postmarked with a specially designed Queen Victoria, Hyde Park, London postmark on the first day of issue (15 September 2011)
  • Celebrating the Victoria Cross

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Special Signed Edition

A small number of these covers have been personally signed by Cpl Benjamin Robert-Smith, an Australian soldier and recipient of the Victoria Cross for Australia, the highest award in the Australian honours system. His VC for Australia, together with his Medal for Gallantry, make him the most highly decorated service person currently in the Australian Defence Force.

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Our House of Hanover Mini Sheet Cover

Image of Our fantastic alternative House of Hanover Cover We have also produced an alternative cover for the House of Hanover issue, which celebrates (very appropriately!) the uniform penny post and the very first monarch on a stamp with Queen Victoria on the penny black. Each cover features a full House of Hanover miniature sheet, cancelled with a specially designed Bath postmark on the first day of issue (15 September 2011). Limted numbers are available signed by Dame Judi Dench, who of course portayed Queen Victoria in the phenomenal 1997 film Mrs. Brown.

The House of Hanover

The Hanoverians ruled for nearly 200 years during a period of massive change. They came to power in difficult circumstances that looked set to undermine the stability of British society. George I was only 52nd in line to the throne, but the nearest Protestant according to the Act of Settlement.

From a decidedly shaky start the Hanoverian period proved to be a remarkably stable one, not least because of the longevity of its kings and queens. From 1714 through to 1901, there were only six monarchs.

It was also in this period that Britain came to acquire much of her overseas empire, despite the loss of the American colonies, largely through foreign conquest in the various wars of the century. By the end of the Hanoverian period, the British Empire covered a third of the glove.

The period was also one of political stability, and the development of constitutional monarchy. Britain's first 'Prime' Minister, Robert Walpole, dates from this period, and income tax was introduced. Towards the end of the Hanoverian period, the Great Reform Act was passed, which amongst other things widened the electorate.

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Quick Facts: House of Hanover Victoria Cross FDC is a First-day Cover Issue date : 15th September 2011

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