Buckingham First Day Covers

Why this is perfect for YOUR collection:

The Ultimate Protection for your Investment

The Luxury SAFE Album for first day covers

There's a real danger of causing irreversible damage to your covers by not storing them well.

First the obvious - water, damp, excessive handling (every time you hold a cover, you risk damaging it).

Secondly, and perhaps less obviously, storage materials:

Danger! Envelopes/folders/mounts. These need to be made from acid free paper or card. Normal paper contains acid from the manufacturing process that will yellow and destroy the paper and print over time. Think of old newspapers that go yellow and disintegrate. Not what you want to happen to your covers!

Danger! Plastic leaves and holders. This is an even more hidden danger! Choose the wrong album leaves or plastic holders and the print and postmarks on your covers could be permanently degraded. The plasticisers and coatings on many plastics will react with inks in as short a time as a few years.

According to the Library of Congress website, which gives guidance on preservation, the ideal material for long term storage of items like covers is uncoated polyester film, although uncoated cellulose triacetate, polyethylene, and polypropylene are also suitable.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which lots of cheap stationary items are made of is entirely unsuitable because of the plasticisers it contains.

The album leaves for our luxury album are made of uncoated polyester film - the material most highly recommended for safe archive quality storage.

We believe this is the best album on the market today, for quality, protection, look, feel and value:

A luxury SAFE cover album to show your collection to perfection!

Your covers are potentially an investment. Some cost hundreds of pounds, yet many are stored in boxes attracting dust and causing them to age. Even worse, some are kept in old albums with PVC leaves. These suck out ink and can seriously damage covers.

Tony Buckingham recommends the safe multi-ring album.

We've realised recently that the word "safe" is being used a lot by everyone who sells albums to describe any cheap leaves that do not damage covers. Some collectors are confusing this with SAFE, the German manufacturer of world class albums including this one.

SAFE is the top brand in albums - they even do a leather binder at a price between ouch and wow (quote from White Christmas!). But we think this album is their best for quality and value.

This album comes with a strong luxury slip case that keep the covers in pristine condition.

The leaves are not just SAFE, they are also genuinely "safe". They are made of uncoated polyester film - the material most highly recommended by the Library of Congress for safe archive quality storage.

That means that the leaves are acid free and protective - so they will not harm your covers and will protect their condition into the future.

The album looks refreshingly expensive. Mind you, so it should! It is not cheap, but your collection is worth it.

The 11 ring mechanism is quality nickel-plated and it is so good, SAFE have patented the design! Why? Because it is allows the album to lie perfectly flat - and means album pages don't tear.

It's easy to use - and easy to turn the pages. You can remove and insert pages at any place of the album. And a light pressure on the levers at each end of the spine opens the 11 rings at once.

This album comes with:

  • Matching slipcase
  • 2 heavy-duty lifters
  • 10 double leaves (which take 40 covers)
  • 1 single leave for those oversize covers

Extra leaves are available to buy.

It is also a perfect album for signed photographs. Just ask for 11 single leaves instead, which will display twenty two 8 by 10 photographs.

Size of album: 9-1/8" x 10-3/4" high.

Size of pages: 8" x 9-3/4" high

Sadly, because of postage costs, we can ONLY offer this album to customers living in the UK. Sorry.

“The luxury album is well worth the money, excellent size leaves, so good I ordered another one.”

Michael, a collector in Yateley

Prefer something a little more affordable? Check out our value album instead! It offers safe protection for your covers at a fraction of the price.

Due to high postage costs, we have increased the price of the albums slightly to include a contribution towards postage costs.

Quick Facts: Luxury SAFE Album for ultimate protection is an Accessory Issue date : 23rd June 2005

For more information on any of the terms used visit our Jargon Buster here!

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 ALB01L  In Stock £1.50
  Quality double album leaf, ref 752, to fit our luxury album (made of safe uncoated polyester film) Quantity:
 ALB01Lx10  In Stock £12.50
  TEN Quality double album leaves to fit our luxury album for special price of £12.50. Save £2.50! Quantity:
 ALB01  In Stock £70.00
  Luxury Cover Album in Blue with slipcase and 10 double leaves (delivered to UK only) Quantity:
 ALB01A  In Stock £70.00
  Luxury Cover Album in Red with slipcase and 10 double leaves (delivered to UK only) Quantity:



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